Melbourne is the only capital city in Australia where you can land a helicopter in the central city.

Way back in the 1960’s Reg Ansett used to fly from his home in Mt Eliza to his helipad on the Yarra for work each day.

There are currently two floating helipads on the river which are on short term leases. Whitemark (along with Schutz Consulting) is assisting the Helicopter Association of Victoria to secure the planning and regulatory approval to build a larger heliport in the Turning Basin, opposite Crown (where Reg used to land his chopper)

The plan would be to ultimately tidy up the river, remove the existing helipads and create a permanent world class heliport and transport interchange for Melbourne.

With the increase in apartment developments close to flight paths it is important that Melbourne secures this unique ability to land helicopters in the City into the future.

Whitemark is providing the guidance and strategy in this complex project to ensure that there is support at all levels of Government.